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Here you can find the latest software versions along with Microsoft® software components that are needed as part of the system requirements.

Download - mail2disk

mail2disk 4.3  MSI-Datei (23.5 MB) 10.04.2015 (Outlook 2010 and newer)

mail2disk 3.4  MSI-File (4.1 MB) 10.04.2015

mail2disk Product sheet   PDF-File (53 KB)

mail2disk Product information  PAD-File (17 KB)

You can trial mail2disk free for 30 days. If you want to continue to use the software after that, you will need to buy a licence.

Download - TeamViewer

TeamViewer EXE-Datei (740 KB)

Download - Adobe Reader®

Adobe Reader 8.1 EXE-File (23.6 MB)