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The new functions of mail2disk 2.2

The new version of mail2disk has been equipped with additional features to create your work more easy.

  • Its now possible to decouple the two archiving functions "Archive emails" and "Archive attachments", which is very useful for the last option in this list.
  • Opening a folder-brower to select the archiving folder before archiving starts.
  • The option to be prompt for the file name of the of the archive before saving.
  • There is also the option to be asked for the archiving folder by a folder-browser dialog for the attachment
  • The new option to take the same archiving folder for the attachment like for the email, which works also if you browse for the archiving folder before archiving.
  • A further option creates a new folder with the name of the archived email for the attachments of this email.
  • The Category-Dropdown will now automatically extend its width, so that also very long categories could be seen completely.
  • Attachments could be exchanged by links to the achived attachments at the emails in your Outlook folder.
All new functions could be set at the Category-Options. Therefore the category options had to be rearanged. At last but not least some smaller improvements had been done.

mail2disk 2.2 EXE-Datei (6.2 MB)

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